If you want to learn how to smoke marijuana, start by purchasing a bubbler that doesn’t require you to inhale the smoke. There are two types of devices: those that create a tight, cone-like shape and those that release frothy bubbles into the air. While both can be effective for smoking, there are some critical differences between them: The device with a cone-like shape controls the amount of smoke and will filter out harsh elements like ash; this prevents your throat from generating too much coughing. Cone-shaped devices also have sufficient water capacity, so you can clean them before each use without worrying about condensed liquid dripping into the bowl below.

On the other hand, theĀ weed bubbler with a frothy head lets you inhale smoke-free and can even be shaped like a pipe. However, the lack of airflow inside the device means you’ll have to inhale it slowly to get the most out of it. Mixing from both is straightforward: Fill the bowl with water entirely, let it sit for an hour or two, and start drawing from one end to the other; this will produce a dense, incredibly smooth smoke stream. But either kind will work in any situation, especially when traveling or smoking in places where smoking indoors is prohibited.


Decide whether you want a cambered or siphon device. A cambered bubbler has a water reservoir at one end of the device and a bowl at the other; hold the bowl in your hand and move from one side of the bowl to another with your mouth. This allows you to control how much smoke you inhale while retaining enough water to clean before each use. Some cones also use this principle, but they usually have an open top that collects smoke inside and lets it drip out into a trap below. This means you only have to hold the device and not worry about it overflowing. Both these methods are effective and have different strengths: Cambered devices work best when you want to be discreet; syphon devices are better when you want maximum airflow.

The right marijuana bubbler for sale has a level of craftsmanship that makes it smooth to draw from; this ensures that there’s not too much friction between the device and your mouth, which provides the smoothest smoke possible. Cheaply made ones will emit a sharp, unpleasant taste that’ll make you nauseous if you continue smoking from it.