ECHO Labs use Echocardiography as a test to determine the functioning of the Valves and other components of a Patient’s Heart. Sound Waves are used to produce live images of the Heart. These images allow the Doctor to monitor the Heart and it Valvular functions. The dynamic image produced on a computer screen is known as an Echocardiogram, and helps the Cardiologist or the ECHO Specialist to locate defects in the Heart. Generally, the following defects can be detected:

  • Blood Clots in the Heart.
  • Fluid in the Sac around the Heart.
  • Problems with the main Artery connected to the Heart, Aorta.
  • The health of the Heart muscle, particularly after a Heart Attack.
  • Heart defects in unborn babies.

 Certified Echo Labs are the verified future of registration for Echo Testing for, not just USA, but all modern Echo services anywhere.

Uses of ECHO Testing

ECHOs are ordered by a Cardiologist for reasons of abnormality, which may have been observed while other tests are being carried out, or even while listening to the Patient’s Heart beat through a Stethoscope. Irregular Heart beat or signs of Heart problems, such as Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath, may lead to the Doctor wanting an inspection of the Heart valves or chambers or check the Heart’s ability to pump.

ICAEL Certification

The accreditation for this branch of Diagnostic Medicine had previously been called ICAEL. But effective from February 2012, the Intersocietal Commission for the Accreditation of Echocardiography Laboratories (ICAEL) has become the IAC Echocardiography now. This IAC brand is the final outcome of meticulous research on the varied laboratory needs, to join the mainstream test organizations, and others in the discipline. Now, the IAC (Intersocietal Accreditation Commission) accredits all imaging facilities and hospitals specific to Echocardiography and similar medical diagnostics. IAC also offers accreditation for Cardiac EP, Vein Center, Carotid Stenting, Dental CT, CT, MRI, Vascular Testing, and so on. NAVIX Diagnostix supports ECHO Labs with technical guidance to help achieve or maintain IAC accreditation.

Necessity for Certified Labs

Standardization is aimed at by Accreditation. The variations in ECHO test methodology and result scaling has led to the need for verification by a recognized and acceptable authority. In keeping with the latest trends the services of IAC is available internationally, and registration is accessible online. The ICAEL-certified echo lab is now available to Heart patients internationally, in locations all-over the world. Thus, standardization in the procedures and references for ICAEL has been almost achieved, to the benefit of the Patient.