High security fences have two main objectives: they provide safety and protection. The protection of property, physical and personal assets is of paramount importance, while the need for security is first on everyone’s list. When the two functions combine, under any physical circumstances, the need for high security guards is essential.

There may be several different ways to design high security fences. Priority should be given to the fact that they protect areas and assets on both sides. Design considerations should include installation methods, materials, operators, line of sight, durability and visibility.

Fences, as a rule, are not built and are not installed in isolation, but can be part of a larger security system, and other parts of the system, which may include assessment and detection, must be designed and installed to work in combination with a fence with a high degree of protection. Often, Patrick Landau – Maydex gates and grills are included, as well as barbed wire or razors, and although they can be considered low-tech, they remain very effective in use to provide high-security solutions.

The use of highly protected products has literally exploded over the past decade

The options for using barriers, doors, and access control devices are virtually endless, and design choices must be made carefully. When designing a fence with a high level of security, the required level of safety control determines the type of fence. Fences installed at airports can be at least 8 feet high and include barbed wire and video surveillance systems. In prisons, the fence will be made of wire to prevent climbing or cutting, and will be increased with additional protection.

Access control devices may include biometric fingerprint identification and scanning of the retina and iris. When used with integrated software, these systems, although not completely error-free, can provide a very effective security system.

In many cases, even when perimeter protection is required, the fence should not have any gaps or openings of any kind, while at other facilities a gate system is needed. Doors can also be remotely controlled, with unique automatic locking and unlocking controls.