ImageCare Radiology’s X-ray procedure in Vernon, NJ, New Jersey provides the highest quality diagnostic x-rays in addition to chest x-ray scans for cardiovascular health. They provide a calm environment that helps patients unwind as they undergo medical imaging treatments. Patients are welcome to receive the imaging services they require at ImageCare Radiology, the most cost-effective medical imaging facility in the area.

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What may x-rays detect, one could wonder before your appointment? An x-ray test can identify a variety of interior conditions by creating photographs of the tissues and systems within the frame, some of which include:

  • Broken bones
  • Spinal injuries
  • Tumours
  • Foreign objects

Nearly every component of the frame is x-rayed to look for any issues that might be harmful to your health. A special system uses a small amount of ionising radiation during an x-ray examination. This radiation passes through the body and is captured on a device to produce a picture. The radiation dose will vary based on the area of the body being tested, with smaller portions requiring a smaller dose for maximum effectiveness and larger regions requiring a larger dose. You must let your radiologist or doctor know if you are pregnant even though the dose of radiation from an x-ray procedure is typically the same as what you could obtain from the general environment for a week.


Your doctor might recommend a unique imaging examination if you are pregnant. They have spent every penny possible to provide their offices with the most advanced and user-friendly equipment available, and we are constantly updating to keep up with advancements in the imaging field. They undoubtedly concur that the excellent qualities of a compassionate and environmentally friendly diagnostic facility are all well represented in their imaging facilities. Call ImageCare Vernon, NJ, right away to make an appointment.