The Characterized Control Valve (CCV), has been known to be the most helpful of control valves. It made its debut in 1999 and has sold over 2 million pieces.

Its components include the ball valve and a disc specialized to make sure that characteristic flow is of equal percentage. This valve has a set of various parts that include:

  • Air handlers
  • Coils for heating and cooling
  • Units for fan cool
  • Ventilator units
  • Re-heat coils for VAV

It involves both HTCCV and the 6 way CCV that features the advanced ball design with a rotary actuator controlling it. Actuators are being controlled by a typical voltage. It manages the on/off, the modulating, or the floating point control. And being bubble-type, the valve prevents losses of energy. This results in a reduction in operating costs.

Some Benefits for Users

Building Owners

Challenges with your clients may become a problem with the constant need for changes and improvements that need to be done. The property value may also lower if the building is not kept in tip-top shape. Being clog-free and the flow in the heating and cooling system being maintained are just some of what the valve can offer.

Commissioning Agents or Balance Contractors

Having a complicated job is toxic. It involves managing and reviewing projects as well as trying to balance the commission system. You would need an innovative product that has been proven to have energy-saving data which also meets the specifications of the facility. The rotating ball simply passes through the debris in water ensuring the maintenance of the heating and cooling systems.

Contractors and Distributors

Your task requires finding a new and effective way to supply solutions that are unique to the problems of the client. This valve enables you to meet the optimal goal which is to increase the profits and the growth of your business. The valve offers an easy selection, installation, and hassle-free service.


Your task involves energy saving and improvement of performance. With the belimo control valve, there is much better control. There’s an equal percentage of the characteristic flow allowing for a longer life span.

Admittingly, 1999 was a year when technology was only starting to boom, but it took a few more years before it actually worked out. Belimo’s control valve has always been an innovative device. The fact that it is still selling at this day and age,  means that there is something good about it. So hurry and get yours today!