Air compressors are widely used and it comes with different brands. An air compressor is powered by an electric motor, gasoline engine, and diesel to convert power into potential energy. The energy is stored in pressurized air; there goes the compressed air. One of several methods is the use of an air compressor that forces more air into a storage tank. The forces will increase the pressure. The common question that goes what is the best pipe for compressed air is answered now. You may have 6 types of pipes that you can use for an air compressor.

compressed air

The types of pipes

Pipes are widely used. A pipe comes in the form of a hollow cylinder or a tubular section. It has used initially to convey substances where liquids and gasses, masses of small fluids, powders, and slurries flow. Here are the following 6 types of pipes:

  • Aluminum pipe. The aluminum piping system is the latest technology that uses push-to-connect for lines of compressed air. It is lightweight which is easy to handle. So, if you want a clean application, then you can go for this type of piping system. It remains leak-free and non-corrosive compared to a black pipe system. If you consider high-cost compressed air production, reduced the compressed air consumption by eliminating the leaks, aluminum piping is a great choice.
  • Black pipe. The black piping system is the most commonly used and is recommended for a compressed air system. People are much familiar with this pipe and it is readily available. It has a durable and strong feature.
  • Copper pipe. The copper piping system is very common and also recommended to use. It offers clean air and works very well. It is a costly yet reliable quality. It has an aesthetically pleasing installation. The combination of water and copper does not create any rusting or corrosion. The air will be delivered to the pneumatic tools and it is free and clean of particulates.
  • Galvanized pipe. The galvanized piping system is commonly used for general plumbing and water distribution. A galvanized coating can resist moisture in compressed air. It may sound not applicable to an air compressor, yet people must be aware that this kind of piping system is not good for air compressors.
  • PVC pipe. PVP piping system is very usual and highly recommended because it is commonly used with compressed air. It is often used and readily available to install easy and quick.
  • Stainless steel. A stainless steel piping system is very much recommended as it minimized corrosion. It has a successful and long history of corrosion. It has a combination of durability and strength benefits and has no problem with rusting.

Users must be aware that these pipes are commonly used with compressed air.