Paprika has been widely used around Spain, and even used in any part of the world. The spanish paprika, known as Pimenton, range from sweet, mild,  bittersweet, medium-hot to hot. It depends on the peppers’ type used, whether the seeds are removed and how it is being processed. Paprika is the only spice used for the following:

  • Bravas sauce spicy
  • Chorizo red
  • Galician octopus smokey
  • Mojo picon sauce fiery
  • Stews hearty

Pimenton is the initial ingredient to Spanish cooking, it is also called as black pepper. Way back from the past, the spice has been recognized by Christopher Columbus as being a flavor in Spanish cuisine.  Half of the world has been using the spice to add up twist or flavor for the recipe.

The history of the spice

Peppers have been used for making paprika for over 2, 000 years. By the time Columbus had returned from America loaded with a wide range of new flavors and had spread like wildfire. Traders had brought the peppers as widely accepted from Spain to the Ottoman Empire around Turkey. Paprika was made as a staple of the Hungarian cuisine. The spice exploded across Europe and it has stayed in Spain.

spanish paprika

The secret recipe

The spice becomes a secret recipe. Hungarian paprika is often known for its sweetness while the smokiness of spanish paprika is lovable. For users of this type of paprika, you have to be aware that it has been protected for hundreds of years. The recipe for making the Pimenton is greatly appreciated and enjoyed by the chefs. Spanish cuisine had accepted the vital use of the spice. The production of paprika has been regulated by quality-control. There are 2 main paprika production regions in Spain, namely:

  • La Vera
  • Murcia

Both regions are under control. It is to make sure that the centuries-old process of grinding, growing, and smoking the peppers is processed.

The modern uses

This type of paprika forms the base of the country’s boiled, stewed, and roasted dishes. Much of Spain’s paprika used for making some favorite meats and all Spanish cuisine. Sobrassada and chorizo are popular meats and Spanish cuisine, which adds flavor. Chorizo can be made with various flavors such as sweet or spicy using paprika. This type of paprika is commonly sprinkled on the top of different classic dishes in Spain. Did you know that Spain is of its best spice that adds a very tasteful flavor of all Spanish cuisine? Learn more about the spice and enjoy its flavorful taste.