Wardak hit the accelerator hard even when young. War ravaged Afghanistan had shown him what real life meant, and made him all the more determined to rise to the top. He felt himself to be an outsider in the posh schools of Pakistan, and it was only when completing his high school and then earning his degree in the U.S.A. that the friendliness there made him feel at home. A Rhodes Scholar from Georgetown University, Hamed Wardak found his vocation early.

The Land Of His Heart

His native Afghanistan beckoned to his heart from across the Ocean. Its blood soaked history, and its war torn people, called out for help. And Wardak responded immediately and impulsively. Though still quite young, he went to work for the country of his birth with a whole heart. With the support of USAID, he set about reconstructing the destroyed land in the aftermath of the Afghan Civil War.

The Return To His American Home

But Hamed Wardak realized that to pull up Afghanistan, he needed to do more than work on-field. To organize the war effort, he decided to return to his second home in the United States. He now concentrated on earning, and first made a name for himself working for the famous Merrill Lynch. Then he used Technologies Inc. as his vehicle, and with the US Department of Defense, commenced executing large developmental projects.

Repaying The Debt

Over US$44 million worth of contracts were successfully executed for the Government of Afghanistan, in a surprisingly short period of time. The Debt was being repaid, with love and effort.

Building up

But the Patriot in Wardak did not stop there. He kept building up his resources in the USA, kept travelling to the land of his birth, kept stretching out a hand to his fellow brothers and sisters struggling to survive.