The GDAX is also known by the term coin base pro. The process of exchanging the crypto currency the permits people for purchasing and selling the variety of digital coins is called GDAX. It is introduced to the market in the year 2016 and frequently gets popularity among the people in trading. The full form of GDAX stands for global digital asset exchange. It is generated by those individuals who are also running the coin base.

The biggest broker exchange – Coin Base

A coin base is the biggest broker exchange around the world these days. The GDAX worked as a mediator between the seller and the buyer, and it earns money by imposing a transaction fee on both of them. This process can be easily explained by giving an example. Suppose man X needs to purchase a bit coin and man Y is willing to sell it, then they both can make a deal with the help of GDAX. The creators needed to give more advanced platforms for trading to their users who used the coin base. So it is also said to be a sister company of the coin-base. The only purpose behind it, the coin base permits for buying and selling of the crypto currency.

In the case of gdax, it gives permission to the traders that they can trade in real-time by using different tools of trading. It generally marks the experienced traders by giving them a facility to use real-world methods of payments like their bank accounts for depositing or withdrawing the funds. If somebody has a coin base account then his GDAX account will automatically be generated with the same login details whatever you are using for previous. It has now the biggest trading capacities in the field of crypto currency. A large amount of money is using every for trading in it.